How long will it take to get my book back? It typically takes between five and ten business days to get your book back, depending on the length and the amount of work needed. If you have a very large book or a book that requires a more intensive edit, we'll let you know if it's going to take longer.


What format should my book be in? Your book must be in Word with the .doc or .docx extension. Font doesn't matter, but it should be in a font that is legible.


How do I get my book to you?  Simply email your book as an attachment.


How long will I have to wait until my book is edited? Because ebookeditingpro has several editors, you typically will not have to wait more than a couple of weeks to get your book in front of an editor. We'll let you know the approximate date your editor will begin. You can also book ahead if you'd like by sending a $50 deposit (returning clients to not have to pay a deposit to secure their spot). If you change your mind between sending your deposit and your booking date, the deposit is 100 percent refundable.


Are you going to change my book? We strive to keep your voice at all times. We edit for grammar, word choice, consistency. We'll also include basic fact checking and minor content editing. For example, if you have a scene that is confusing or doesn't seem to fit into the flow of your book, our editors will point that out. But they will not re-write sections of your book. That's up to you.


Do you edit erotica? Yes. We're not shy and don't judge. We also edit gay and lesbian romances.


What if I don't agree with a change? That's completely up to you. It's your book! We use "Track Changes" in Word, which is a terrific tool for you to see what changes have been made.


What if I'm not happy with the edit? We strive to make our clients happy. If you aren't pleased with an edit, we'll work with you until you are satisfied. We don't, however, issue refunds after an editor has completed the job.


You offer a second edit for $150*. Why should I consider that? Not all books should get a second edit--in fact, the vast majority do not need it. But if you need to make a great deal of changes or if you get your manuscript back and it has what we call a "sea of red" then a second edit is something you can consider. It's up to you.





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